With pure Aloe Vera juice (coming from plants grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers) and a unique combination of natural active ingredients. They do not include: Fluorine, Parabens, SLS and SLES, Saccharin, Preservatives, Artificial colourants.
The products underwent endurability tests – microbiologically tested. Ingredients from natural origin. Many epidemiologic studies confirm that surfactants, emulsifiers and preservatives are amongst the main causes of allergic reactions in people. With natural sweetener: Xylitol, helping against bacteria responsible for plaque and caries.


Many scientific studies state that Fluorine is dangerous and harmful for bones and kidneys; some other studies point out it can be carcinogen. Fluorine is a toxin with a slightly higher toxicity than lead. The USA Dental Public Service stated Fluorine makes bones weaker (osteoporosis) and the teeth enamel more porous.

In the USA, starting from April 1997, toothpastes with fluorine must show a label giving instructions on what to do if a child eats a quantity of toothpaste bigger than a pea. The FDA states Fluorine is a new medicine whose efficacy and safety is still unknown. Some studies demonstate adults can eat up to 0,5 ppm of Fluorine everytime they wash their teeth, while small children can eat a bigger quantity, but 0,4 ppm of Fluorine can already damage kidneys (“Renal failure and fluorosis”, Fluorine and dental health, JAMA 222:783-785, 1972).

In Europe, with the 2009/129/CE European Directive, for regulated compounds with Fluorine, toothpastes with fluorine must show a note on the label. In some countries products with Fluorine can’t be sold anymore.

Extended Release Action


The Aloe Fresh products extended release action is due to the use of Carboxymethyl chitosan, coming from crayfish exoskeleton. Many clinical studies highlight its help in preventing caries and periodontitis. These characteristics, together with the healing and haemostatic actions, make Carboxymethyl chitosan a fundamental element for a new line of toothpastes.

Carboxymethyl chitosan, in a toothpaste, performs many actions:
1. it neutralises lactic acid, balancing the oral cavity pH; it prevents caries;
2. it stays for hours on the mucosa and teeth, performing the extended release effect. Moreover, in this way it prevents the adherence of Candida and Streptococcus;
3. its antimicrobial action has been demonstrated on the following micro-organisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mutans, S. fecalis, S. mitis, Citrobacter, Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans.



The microspheres are composed of a jelly and natural polymer shell. They contain a hydrogel with the substances that need to be inserted. While brushing your teeth, the microparticles open, thanks to the mechanical action of the toothbrush. In this way they release their content. Their opening is related to the duration and intensity of the brushing. Due to the jelly consistency, they are really soft and can’t damage the enamel.

Microspheres can be used for different purposes: they can contain flavours, or useful ingredients, they can add colour and a pleasant feeling while brushing your teeth. Most of all, they offer new opportunities (both from a technological and marketing point of view) for the creation of new toothpastes.
Aloe Fresh toothpaste microspheres have Aloe Vera inside: in this way its anti-inflammatory and soothing action is assured up to the moment of use.


Exciting and innovative visual impactAroma releasePleasant feeling during useActive ingredients protectionColour


Microcrystals are small spheres of silica and mint allowing a better cleaning action of the toothpaste, without piercing the enamel.

Microcrystals checked dimension and hardness allow different sensorial effects, such as the pleasant feeling of a gum massage, a greater freshness of the mint, but most of all a better cleaning performance.

Crystal Mint


A pleasant gum massage and most of all, a better cleaning performance.

Microgranules are small spheres of silica allowing a better cleaning action of the toothpaste, without piercing the enamel. Microgranules checked dimension and hardness allow different sensorial effects, such as the pleasant feeling of a gum massage, but most of all a better cleaning performance.

Whitening Paste