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Aloe Vera for your oral hygiene

Find out Aloe Fresh products with pure Aloe Vera juice and a unique combination of natural active ingredients.

Aloe Vera, real freshness

Toothpastes with Natural Aloe Vera Juice

In standard toothpastes there is a percentage of water that does not have any beneficial effects. In natural AloeFresh toothpastes this percentage of water is replaced by pure Aloe Vera juice to create a complete and effective natural toothpaste.

For a healthy mouth serves a very healthy toothpaste

Without fluoride, preservatives, artificial colors and saccharin.


Mouthwashes to retard action of natural origin with antibacterial, formulated with a unique combination of natural active ingredients.

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Halitosis is still a problem today?

Aloe Vera and Oral Hygiene

Aloe Vera Juice: Properties and Benefits

All Aloe Fresh products are microbiologically tested and contain powerful active ingredients of Aloe Vera to combat the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque, tooth decay and bad breath.